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Everyone Has A Story To Tell celebrates the extraordinary lives of everyday people – because you don’t have to be rich or famous to have led an interesting life. The unique tales we’ve already published are testament to this.

How about the story of the little boy who really did run away to sea and end up held to secrecy as a reluctant Royal Navy Submariner during the Cold War? That little boy, now in his eighties, chose to tell the story of his life spent in the Navy, including a Cold War mission that still, officially, never took place. It’s a tale of raw courage that saw him and his colleagues almost lose their lives, catastrophe only averted when he emerged as the modest and still unknown hero.

We’re passionate about social history and the need to celebrate and remember the lives led by those whose memories and experiences would normally be lost forever. “These are the people whose lives matter. There are so many stories that need to be told. We want to give these people the opportunity to tell them and share them with family, friends and, if they choose, the wider world. Memories are so important. Let’s not lose them”.

Share your story with the world

Whether you’ve travelled the globe, experienced life changing events, achieved business success (or failure), or served your country, whatever your story we want to hear it.

How does it work?

The first step is to arrange an informal, no obligation, meeting. Here we explain the process in detail and you can make a few basic decisions to help us provide an accurate cost quotation. Once you have decided to proceed we will conduct a series of detailed recorded interviews with you, your friends and family to gather information and references with which to expand and begin to construct your story. The writing can then begin.

Our team of professional writers and published authors will get to work forming the basis of your story and you will be invited to review at various point throughout this process. Your manuscript will follow a strict system of proofreading and final editing before heading to our creative team for design. At this point our talented designers will typeset your manuscript in an attractive typeface and begin to form the pages of your book with a selection of pages dedicated to any images you wish to include. Our designers will create a stunning book jacket design and make any final adjustments before preparing your book for print.

Your completed commission will be professionally printed and beautifully bound into a hardback or paperback book before being hand delivered to you personally by your ghostwriter. From here you can enjoy reading and sharing your very own book.

Our bespoke book packages

Every commission is bespoke and tailored to you and your wishes. The rates below offer a guide to pricing based on 20 printed copies of your completed paperback book. These prices will fluctuate based on your specific requirement.

Silver Package

40,000 Words

Gold Package

60,000 Words

Platinum Package

80,000 Words

Meet Dan & Ed…

We’ve been privileged to work with some of the most amazing people with incredible life stories and we’re thankful for the opportunity.

Daniel Tidbury is the Creative Director with a background in graphic design and photography. Dan has clients around the world.

Edward Couzens-Lake is the Copy Director and is a hugely experienced author and broadcaster with a wealth of published titles.

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