Everyone has a story to tell


We’re passionate about you, and the stories you have to tell…

‘Everyone Has A Story To Tell’ is for anyone wishing to record their life story, or part of it. Your story will be ghostwritten by a professional writer before being carefully typeset and presented as a beautifully printed book to share among your family and friends. Tidbury Publishing(Green)

How does it work?

The first step is to get in touch to arrange an informal no obligation meeting. Here we can explain the process in detail and you can make a few basic decisions to help us provide an accurate cost quotation.

Once you have decided to proceed we will conduct a series of detailed recorded interviews with you, your friends and family to gather information and references with which to expand and begin to rebuild your story. The writing can then begin.

Our team of professional writers and published authors will get to work forming the basis of your story and you will be invited to review at various point throughout this process.

Your manuscript will follow a strict system of proofreading and final editing before heading to our creative team for design.

At this point our talented designers will typeset your manuscript in an attractive typeface and begin to form the pages of your book with a selection of pages dedicated to any images you wish to include. Our designers will create a stunning book jacket design and make any final adjustments before preparing your book for print.

Your completed commission will be professionally printed and beautifully bound into a hardback or paperback book before being hand delivered to you personally by your ghostwriter.

From here you can enjoy reading and sharing your very own book.

Thereafter your book could be made commercially available through both traditional booksellers as well as online.

Our pricing guide

Every commission is bespoke and tailored to you and your wishes. The rates below offer a guide to pricing based on 20 printed copies of your completed paperback book. These prices will fluctuate based on your specific requirement.

Silver Package – 40,000 words – £4,999

Gold Package – 60,000 words – £6,999

Platinum Package – 80,000 words – £8,999

Commission your book

To commission your very own book or for further information, please contact:

Daniel Tidbury | Design Director – on 07765 684552

Edward Couzens-Lake | Copy Director – on 07758 915748

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Our Titles…

Tidbury Books.jpg

Our Joyful Life, by Gary Hatt & Vera Thornhill 2017
Run Silent, Run Deep by Tony Beasley 2018
Tender Joy, An Autobiography by Joyce Spencer – 2016